L i t e r a t u r e

All ideas, texts and illustrations are originaly created by Uwe Mertsch. Available: - Quer Gelesenes ( Aphorismen ) - Wortmalereien ( Aphorismen ) - THE ART OF vol.1 ( Depicting a philosphical way of our life in modern times ). - THE ART OF vol.2 ( Depicting a philosophical way of our life in modern times ). Please get in touch if you are interested in publishing the following books for art- and storylovers. - The artist’s chair - B 3 Three birds - Three friends - Solo the prince oft he sun. - Miss Mei Mei creates a picture - Miss Mei Mei creates a sculpture - P 5 - Yo Yo THE ARTIST Expect the unexpected - Yantang und Yangling - Der Eisbär Ehrlich - Das Rosenelexier - Der Wolkenangler - Der Schattenspringer - A journey to the sea - The Rainbowcelebration - ......and many more in process.